Issue 3 (5) 2009

Issue 3 (5) 2009


Borisevich G.Y. (Perm city) To the Memory of the Teacher (V.A. Pokhmelkin)

Abdullin E.M. (Ulyanovsk city) Labour in the Liberty Deprivation Conditions: Some of the Aspects

Borisevich G.Y., Martirosyan Z.V. (Perm city) Realization of the Ideas of the Juvenile Justice Concept in the Courts Activities

Volkov V.S. (Perm city) The Kama Region Militia During the Great Patriotic War: Principal Areas of Activity

Gorshkova G.S. (Perm city) Law-Making Reforms for the Purpose of the Pre-trial Procedure Iimprovement

Dobrovlyanina O.V. (Perm city) The Basic Substantial Features and Stages of Pre-judicial Manufacture

Dolginov S.D. (Perm city) The Article Deals with Procedural Peculiarities of a House Search

Egorov V.S. (Perm city) The Scientifically-legal Analysis of the Basic Theories State Punisment in Criminal Law

Loginova T.E. (Perm city) The History of the New Criminal Procedure Type Development in the Medieval Germany

Marinkin D.N. (Perm city) The kriminalistichesky Characteristic of Criminal Activity in Sphere of the Housing-and-Municipal Complex

Moiseenko I.Y. (Perm city) Ethics of the procedural Investigation Activities During the Preliminary Investigation

Neznamov A.I. (Perm city) Behavior Evidences in Criminalistics

Omigov V.I. (Perm city) General Characteristic of Circumstances Excluding the Criminality of an Act

Pastukhov P.S. (Perm city) Criminal Procedural and Criminalistic Aspects of the Evidence Objectivization

Polyakov S.B. (Perm city) About the Influence of the Juridical Science on the Juridical Practice

Rozhkov S.A. (Perm city) Some of the Issues of the Legal Regulation of the Application of Punishment not Associated with the Condemned Insulation from the Society

Filippov M.N. (Perm city) On the Problem of Access to the Information about the Activity of Courts in Russian Federation

Shmykov D.V. (Perm city) Pornography: Gaps in the Criminal Legislation of Russia

Yakubina Yu. P. (Perm city) Inquiry as a Form of Preliminary Investigation


Antipeva N.V., Sokolova N.A. (Omsk city) Theoretical Problems of Perfection of Legal Regulation of Separate Kinds of Medical Findings

Borodin A.S. (Perm city) The Law of Changing the Labour of K.Marks and its Reflexion in Russian Labour Law

Vasilieva Yu.V. (Perm city) Legal System and System of Legislation of Social Security (to Branch Legislation Codification) 171




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