Issue 2 (4) 2009

Issue 2 (4) 2009


Loginova T.E. (Perm city) A Word about Teacher (A.A. Ushakov)

Bakulina L.T., Nugaeva N.R. (Kazan city) The Legal Norms Efficacy’s Problem in the Context of the Law Conflictology

Bondarev A.S. (Perm city) Legal Anticulture in Lawmaking in Modern Russia

Bugrov L.Yu. (Perm city) Book Review: Diveeva N.I. “Theoretical Problems of an Individual Law Regulation of Labour Relations”. – Barnaul: Azbuka, 2008

Matveev A.G. (Perm city) The Language of Civil Code of the Russian Federation in the Part, Dealing with Copyright Relationship Regulation

Musaelyan L.A. (Perm city) The Legal Truth: the Contents and the Essence of the Concept

Reutov V.P. (Perm city) A.A. Ushakov on the Typology of the State and the Law


Steblov A.L. (Perm city) A Word about Teacher (E.I. Kovalenko)

Kuznetsova O.A., Popova T.A. (Perm city) Contribution of Y.I. Kovalenko to the Development of the Collective Farm Law anf the Soviet Law

Lavochkina N.V. (Perm city) Reasons and Order of Natural Resources Transfer for Use in Accordance with the Russian Legislation


Bychkova A.I. (Tyumen city) Formal-logic Aspects of Investment Terminology

Golubtsov V.G. (Perm city) Civil and Legal Status of the Soviet State

Ibragimova S.V. (Perm city) Health and Life Damage Compensation when the Corporations Responsible for Death or Injury of People are Liquidated

Komissarowa E.G. (Tyumen city) Principles of Civil Law in Context of Different Types of Law-understanding

Krilova Yu.A. (Saransk city) Problems of Rights Succession when Reorganising the Legal Persons

Kuznetsova O.A. (Perm city) Generally Accepted Principles and Norms of the International Law in the Civil Law: from a List to a System

Reutov S.I. (Perm city) Inheritance Rights of Spouse, Divorced Spouse and de Facto Spouse

Huzhin A.M. (N.Novgorod city) Legal Responsibility for Innocent Act in Aspect of Intrinsic Understanding of Fault

Chudinov O.R. (Perm city) Unfair Competition and Issues of Improvement of the Civil Legislation of the Russian Federation

Shepelev V.V. (Perm city) Imperfection of the Town-planning Activity Concept as it is Fixed in the Town-planning Code of the Russian Federation

Shershen T.V. (Perm city) Private and Public Interest in the Family Law

Schennikova L.V. (Krasnodar city) Servitudes: the History and Modern Court and Arbitration Practice




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