Issue 3 (17) 2012

Kirillovа The Meaning and the Role of Principles of the Law of Succession

The Meaning and the Role of Principles of the Law of Succession

E.A. Kirillovа

Modern Humanitarian academy (branch Bryansk)
32, Nizhegorodskaya st., Moscow, 109029
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In article to be carried out the system analysis of legal essence of principles of the law of succession as a whole which testifies to need of some completion of norms which directly or indirectly concern the intra branch principles of the law of succession reflected regarding the third Russian Federation Group. In legal literature the question of principles of the law of succession is considered by scientists differently, thus there are various approaches to allocation of principles. Such principles are based on fundamental branch principles of civil law. The Russian social and economic transformations, formation of the market relations demanded a new assessment of the initial beginnings of legal regulation of the property relations as the basic principles of the right refract in specifics regulated by branch of the right of the public relations in which detection matter the logiko-formal analysis of texts of laws, jurisprudence and deep scientific search.

Jurisprudence including tsivilistichesky, paid a certain attention to research of principles of the right, their reduction in a certain system, development on this basis of the recommendations, urged to promote improvement of the legislation and practice of its application. The practical side of the matter is caused by that in conditions all of increasing freedom of subjects of the economic relations legal settlement of their behavior timely and answering to recent trends becomes need. Scientific interest to the main beginnings of civil law proves to be true discussions and inconsistent opinions on the specified perspective. Many short stories of the Russian hereditary legislation admit economically, politically and socially reasonable, will serve the most effective satisfaction of property needs of citizens. Having kept separate principles of regulation of the hereditary relations, the legislator at establishment of separate norms undertook radical changes which are necessary for analysing. As a result of reform of the law of succession, some provisions remained from the Soviet legal system, others are restored from legal system of pre-revolutionary Russia or имплементированы from hereditary and legal systems of other states, thereby it is possible to speak about creation of new system of principles of regulation of the hereditary relations.

Keywords: universal assignment; principle of freedom of the will; civil right ability

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