Issue 1 (19) 2013

Issue 1 (19) 2013


Antipyev A.G., Antipyev A.G. (Perm City). Corruption in Modern Russian Society: Its State and Fighting Against

Belyaeva O.M. (Kazan City). Politia as the Best Form of Government in Aristotle’s Judgment

Vinichenko Yu.V. (Irkutsk City). Neighbor Law and Property Law: Interrelation Issue (Historic-Legal Research)

Vishnevskaya I.V. (Minsk City). Statutes Mortgage Relations Legal Regulation in Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Efimovskikh V.L. (Perm City). The Priesthood and the Reign: on the Issue of the State and Church Relations in Moscow Period

Iskhakov E.R. (Ufa City). Legislation About Police Activity in Sanitary and Hygiene Provision during Ekaterine II Period

Kravchenko O.A. (Stavropol City). Democracy as a Valid Expression of the Will of the People

Kyssykova G.B. (Astana City). On Defining the Criminogenic Norm Negative Influence


Sokolova N.S. (Berdsk City). Division of Authority Between the Federal Executive Authorities of the Russian Federation in the Field of Environmental Protection: the Main Problem

Shuraleva S.V., Vankov A.V. (Perm City). Government and other Officials’ Expenditures Control: New in Legislation


Bazhanov V.A. (Kyiv City). License Contract in the Civil Code of Ukraine and in the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (Legal-Comparative Description)

Bondarenko N.L. (Minsk City). Features of Realization of the Principle of Property Inviolability in the Civil Legislation of Republic of Belarus

Bykova M.O. (Krasnodar City). Natural Obligations in Modern Foreign Civil Legislation

Vagina O.S., Korotkov D.B. (Perm City). About Legal Nature of the Relationship of Shareholding in Housing Construction when Inheritor of Shareholder is a Party of the Relationship

Voyevodin B.V. (Kyiv City). Peculiarities of Legal Regulation in the Advertising Field in Ukraine and the Russian Federation through the Example of Sectoral Laws (Civil Aspects)

Gladkovskaya E.I. (Krasnodar City). On Importance of Legal Positions of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation for Application in Family Legislation

Golovin N.M. (Perm City). The Position of the Force Majeure Category in Conceptual Apparatus of Civil Law

Golubeva N.U. (Odessa City). On Some Principles of the Obligation Law

Kuznetsova O.A. (Perm City). Casualty as the Reason for Escaping from Civil and Legal Liability

Markaryan L.V. (Perm City). The Correlation Between the Recognition of Right and Other Ways of the Housing Rights Protection

Mikryukov V.A., Mikryukova G.A. (Moscow City). Оn the Method of the Civil Law

Samylov I.V. (Perm City). Features of Definition of Corporation’s Guilt in the Russian Legislation

Khalabudenko O.A. (Chisinau City). Some Issues of Methodology in Law: Civil Law Prerogatives and Legal Construction

Shevchenko V.S. (Ust-Maya City). Transferability as the Indispensable Condition of the Abstract Obligatory Relations


Markelova O.N. (Perm City). Retrospective Analysis of the Formation and Development of Innovation in the Penal System

Smahtin E.V., Larionova A.A. (Tyumen City). To the Parties' Reconciliation in Criminal Trial


Reutov V.P., Ephimovskikh V.L. (Perm City). Review of Monograph by Sumenkov S.U. Exclusions in Law: Theoretical Grounds, Juridical Evaluation, System Analysis. – Saravov, published by FGBOU VPO “Saratov State Juridical Academy”, 2012. – p. 348




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